Rainbow Poochy Snuffle Mat

Rainbow Poochy Snuffle Mat

These Snuffle Mats are from Local Supplier; 'Rainbow Poochy'!


Rubber mats with felt material of varying lengths for you to hide your dog's food or treats in so they can snuffle for them.


Great accessory for those dogs who need to be kept occupied or usually eat their food too quickly.

  • Play Guidelines

    This product is not meant as a dog toy and can be destroyed if your dog is left unsupervised.

  • Returns Policy

    Please see our Returns Policy for details.

  • Play Paws Empawrium Recommends.

    We strongly recommend you supervise your dog with all treats and ensure fresh drinking water is readily available.

  • Feeding Guidelines

    This product can be used for all food and treats but not recommended for wet or raw food.

  • Shipping

    This product may be rolled in order for it to be shipped to you.